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Eric Mello Boasts 20 Year Motocross Racing Career

Eric MelloWidely considered to be the world’s most popular form of motorcycle racing, motocross involves all-terrain biking held on enclosed off-road circuits. Tracks for motocross usually consist of dirt roads, hills, and muddy tracks with several turns. These courses allow riders to perform freestyle stunts such as jumps and back flips.


Because motocross is so exciting to watch, many motocross athletes, including Eric Mello, have scores of fans. A professional motocross rider for more than 20 years, Mello is one of the most highly skilled riders in the motocross world. He competed in the Los Angeles X-Games 12, the action sports competition for top-tier extreme athletes. Mello also ranked in the Top 9 450cc Class in the 2007 and 2008 National Competitions. In 2010 and 2011, he ranked in the Top 9 again in the Nationals. Racing enthusiasts know how difficult it is to compete on these levels, so Mello has indeed become an accomplished rider.


Thousands of Internet forums and websites keep motocross buffs updated about the latest developments in the sport. The motocross community eagerly follows the news to learn about future races and venues. Many fans are also interested in learning about upcoming freestyle motocross events, as well as special motocross competitions such as Supermoto races, Enduro races, Hill Climb events, and more.


Most professional motocross races are measured by time and typically last for 30 minutes. Some races, however, are determined by laps. With these races, the first rider to complete a certain number of laps is the winner. Specialty events are often determined in different ways, including point scoring or the best time.


Eric Mello competes mainly in Freestyle motocross, also known as FMX. This type of motocross requires an athlete to perform tricks rather than simply racing through the course. Possible tricks include flips, twists, and turns that may be one-handed or even no-handed. These tricks have unique names, such as the Can Can, the Cliffhanger, the Kiss of Death, the Fender Grab, the Dead Body, the Superman Seat Grab, the Tsunami, the Suicide Can, and the Sterilizer. Judges give riders points for the tricks that they perform; the rider who finishes with the most points wins the competition.


Since Eric Mello is one of the Nation’s best motocross freestylers, he has been tapped to be a product sponsor for many different companies. Currently, some of his sponsorships include O’NealMX, Moto-Master, Red Bull, Smith, Twin Air, Globe, Matrix, Pirelli, ASV, and more.